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At North Hill Bottle Depot in Calgary, we’re more than just a recycling depot. We pride ourselves on being a part of our vibrant community and give back wherever we can – whether we’re assisting local groups such as Girl Guides, Scouts, schools, and sports teams with their bottle drives or working with charities and other organizations to help them raise money through recycling. We also offer pickup services if you have an event or run an institution.

What Beverage Containers Can You Recycle?

Whether you have simply accumulated beverage containers over time or you recently hosted a wedding or another special event, you probably have a lot of plastic and aluminum on hand. As a responsible citizen, you want to do the right thing and keep those items out of a landfill – but where can you take so many beverage containers at once?

Come to North Hill Bottle Depot. We provide bottle recycling and return services in Calgary. We handle a wide range of items, including plastic beverage container and glass beverage container recycling. We accept your beverage containers, cans and bottles that have been purchased in Alberta and will pay you for returning them. Don’t just toss out those bottles and beverage containers, trade them in for cash at North Hill Bottle Depot.

To learn more about the bottle recycling services at North Hill Bottle Depot in Calgary, call us at 403-277-1655 or visit our location today.



Fundraise with North Hill Bottle Depot for your team or event.

Turn Bottle into Cash

Read up on our return rates to learn how much you get for each.

Our Charity Work

Giving back is vital – read about what we’ve done for our community.

Large Loads

For large loads over $250, drop off your containers at our depot, we will count them and contact you with a detailed tally sheet and arrange your refund.

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Beverage Containers that we Accept

We will take just about all beverage containers made of glass, plastic, or aluminum, including:

  • Bag-in-box
  • Bi-metal
  • Cans
  • Foil drink pouches
  • Gable top
  • Glass beer bottles and tree brewing implements
  • HDPE
  • Non-dairy liquid coffee creamers
  • Pet plastics
  • Tetra

Even if you do not see your items on this list, we might still accept them.

For more information about our bottle recycling services in Calgary, email us at or call us at 403-277-1655.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you can only return beverage containers purchased in Alberta for a refund.

Recycling beverage containers helps preserve and protect the environment by preventing pollution and keeping valuable materials out of landfills. Recycling helps to keep our earth clean and green for future generations.

  1. Empty and rinse containers (do not crush cans or bottles. However, you can flatten milk jugs)
  2. Pre-sort your containers by size (under 1 litre and over 1 litre) and material (plastic, aluminum, glass, juice boxes)
  3. Leave tabs and labels on
  4. Confirm hours of operation at your local bottle depot
  5. Note that Saturdays are typically the busiest day at the bottle depot, and to expect long lines.

Keep Calgary Clean

North Hill Bottle Depot in Calgary offers fair prices for bottle return and recycling with drop-off or pick up options.