Making a Safe Space for Bottle Returns Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

Donate Your Bottles To Local Charities in Calgary

Here at North Hill Bottle Depot, we are committed to the wellness of our local community as well as our environment. Our location is proud to be a bottle – drop off center which collects and assists in supporting many organizations and fundraising efforts within Calgary & Alberta. 100% of the containers contributed go towards the organizations, offering access to health and wellness supports.

Currently fundraising and accepting container donations for the following charities:

Alberta Cans For Kids funds go to Ronald McDonald House.

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Return Rates

Find out how much you can make from your empty containers.

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Large Loads

For large loads over $250, drop off your containers at our depot, we will count them and contact you with a detailed tally sheet and arrange your refund.

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bottle drives

Bottle Drives

Looking to raise some money for your team or charity? Call us to schedule a time to help with your bottle drive.

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