Raise Money With a Bottle Drive in Calgary

Finding ways to raise money isn’t always quick or easy. However, North Hill Bottle Depot has an effective solution for you: a bottle drive in Calgary with us! Whether you need to kick-start a fundraiser or need to raise money for a team or organization, our team is here to help. Bottle drives are a great way to give back and to support your community and/or organization. At North Hill Bottle Depot in Calgary, we have been contributing to our community by partnering up with local organizations and charity groups for bottle drives for 45 years! We proudly do bottle drive fundraisers with charities, schools, sports teams, Scouts, Girl Guides and any other community group looking to fundraise.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Collect empty beverage containers with the help of friends or coworkers.
  2. Return the empty bottles and cans to a bottle depot
  3. Get a cash return from the bottle depot
  4. Use the money for the cause you are raising money for
  • Hand out flyers to neighbours or local businesses.
  • Promote online and through social media
  • Use word of mouth by telling your family, friends, and coworkers
  1. Decide your method of collection: door to door or a location for bottles drop off
  2. Choose the collection area and central meeting location
  3. Advertise your bottle drive. Examples of advertising include flyers, online, word of mouth, and calling local businesses.
  4. Delegate duties for volunteers (drivers, collectors, advertisers)

Steps to remember when you’re setting up your own bottle drive:

choose a date

Step 1: Choose a Date

Pick a location or community. Choose a meeting point (school parking, community center, park parking lot, etc.). It’s a good idea to let the school or community center know that you will be using the location.

Step 2: Advertise

Consider using all social media platforms to inform residents of the date and time of your Bottle Drive. You can pick up door hangers from North Hill Bottle Depot or download door hangers to place in your community and to increase your audience.


Step 3: Collect

Before you start your Bottle Drive collection, make sure you and your volunteers are prepared. Make sure you pre-plan your routes and have a map for them! And don’t forget to give each vehicle involved its own particular route. Depending on the number of volunteers, you can leave one or two people at a drop-off site. Once you’re all set up, enjoy going door-to-door to collect bottles. Then have everyone meet at the single drop-off point where our trailer/cube van will be parked.


Step 4: Refund

Once your Bottle Drive is complete, please email or call us, and we will come to pick up the trailer/cube van. Our staff will count and sort all your collected containers. We will email your Bottle Drive totals after we go through our counting process. We offer refunds in the form of cash or cheque. You can choose a convenient way of refund and receive a detailed receipt in return. We look forward to working with you!
bottle drive in Calgary

Click to DOWNLOAD a free door hanger from Alberta Depot to let people know when you’re coming by. If they would like to give you bottles and cans, they can always leave a bag, box, or pile on their front steps, porch, or space with the hanger attached for you.

To book your bottle drive, please contact us by phone at 403-277-1655 or by email at info@northhillbottledepot.ca.

refund rates

Return Rates

Find out how much you can make from your empty containers.

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drop off services

Large Loads

For large loads over $250, drop off your containers at our depot, we will count them and contact you with a detailed tally sheet and arrange your refund.

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Charity Work

Giving back is vital – read about what we’ve done for our community.

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