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Visit North Hill Bottle Depot in Calgary and turn your recycling in to cash today!

Your Bottle Depot in Calgary NE!

As a responsible world citizen, you know you need to recycle to lower your personal emissions and resource consumption. So, whether you own a home, a business, or both, you collect and recycle paper products on a regular basis. However, you can take your efforts further when you visit our recycling centre and Bottle Depot in Calgary NE.

At North Hill Bottle Depot, we are proud to be a part of Calgary, and give back as much as we can where we can, whether that’s partnering with local charitiesbottle drives, and more. We’ve been helping local residents with the recycling of beverage containers since 1973. We moved to a larger building that is renovated and has computerized facilities to make us one of the fastest recycling services in the city and we’re more efficient than ever. We will pay you for the beverage containers you bring into our bottle depot.

Recycling bottles and other beverage containers can have a great impact in reducing pollution. Some of the most important advantages of recycling are reducing waste and reusing the materials from bottles and cans. Bring your used beverage containers to our bottle depot in Calgary and play your part in recycling and protecting the environment!


Know Why Recycling Matters

When you recycle, you don’t only ensure that materials don’t go to waste. You also eliminate the need for manufacturers to mine more materials and produce more pollution. Companies use far less energy remaking recycled materials than they do shaping new materials. We play an important role in the transformation of used materials into new products.

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Benefit From Our Transparent Operation

When you come to us for bottle recycling, we don’t just hand you a lump sum and send you home. We let you know exactly how much worth each item is worth. You can even check how much money you’ll receive online on our return rates page. Our computerized point of return system will also streamline this process for you.


Visit Our Recycling Centre in Calgary

Our team wants to make sure you have a positive experience when you interact with us. We take pride in the safety and cleanliness of our modern bottle depot in Calgary. We have 32 stalls of free parking. If you would like to learn more about bottle recycling or other services at our Calgary facility, give us a call at 403-277-1655. Contact our bottle depot in Calgary for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions

The fee charged on beverage containers is a strategy used to encourage Albertans to recycle and reduce waste. The fee also helps cover the costs involved in the recycling process. You recover your fee when you return the containers to a depot.

Beverage containers come in various sizes and materials, so the recycling fees vary. The fees help cover the net costs for the recycling process, including marketing, collection, and transportation.

Returning your beverage containers helps keep valuable materials out of landfills and reduces pollution. You can also make money or financially help benefit local charities and fundraisers.

Lots of Customer Parking, Fast Service & No Line Ups!

At North Hill Bottle Depot, we are open 7 days a week, have tons of customer parking space, and our Auto-Counting machine ensures accuracy while drastically reduces counting times!

refund rates

Return Rates

Find out how much you can make from your empty containers.

Make Some Bucks

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Large Loads

For large loads over $250, drop off your containers at our depot, we will count them and contact you with a detailed tally sheet and arrange your refund.

Drop-off Service

bottle drives

Bottle Drives

Looking to raise some money for your team or charity? Call us to schedule a time to help with your bottle drive.

Schedule a Bottle Drive

The Staff Have Been Wonderful

I’ve been going there for years…both for returning my personal bottles and my work bottles in which that cash all goes towards a student scholarship. The staff have been wonderful and I’ve noticed that there isn’t a huge turnover as I’ve seen the same friendly folks there year after year. The new location is great as there’s ample parking even when they are busy inside. Thanks for making it so easy to recycle.

– Audrey F.

Best Bottle Depot in YYC

Best bottle depot in YYC! Super friendly staff and the cleanest and fastest! They have sweet new sorting tech and literally the only one I’ve ever been to that actually had WARM water to wash your hands with.

– Sarah G.

Excellent, Fast, and Efficient Service

Excellent fast and efficient service with lovely workers. Help the environment.

– Elijha H.

Great Service and Nice Employees

Great service and nice employees one of the friendliest environments I’ve ever been in love this place.

– Dead. 10AK.

Clean, Great Location, Quick Service

This is hands down the best bottle depot I’ve been to. Clean, great location, quick service. Highly recommend.

– Scott C.